Once again at the forefront of sprinting in the South East. Borough 19 MC are proud to announce that we will be one of the first clubs to invite drivers of Electric Vehicles to compete in our events this year.

We will be including classes for full electric vehicles (class EV1) and Hybrid vehicles (class EV2).  We will only allow standard production vehicles, without any modifications. As you are all well aware there are a large number of these vehicles on the road, from most of the major manufacturers and we feel it is only right that we should include the opportunity to see them perform on track.

If you have an EV and are keen to get some proper use out of it, come along to Lydden and Hethel and give it a go. Motorsport UK have written guidelines and regulations for their use which you need to follow. All EV’s will require a Motorsport Vehicle passport which needs to be applied for in advance.
We are very excited and pleased to be able to make this announcement and look forward to seeing all the electric petrolheads on track soon.